How To Avoid Truck and Car Accidents

In recent years there had been a number of significant advancements in the field of truck safety technology, such as Active Braking or AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking) and collision avoidance systems. However, even though these technologies are continually being improved, and the costs of using these systems are decreasing each year, there had been an increase in large truck crashes since 2009.

Perhaps one reason that greatly contributes to this is the motorist’s tendency to become too dependent on these safety systems, with some becoming even more reckless and thus consuming the safety allowances that these technologies provide.

Until we are able to completely shift to fully automated driving, the best kind of accident prevention still lies in the hands of the driver. In this infographic provided by car accident attorney from Denver Tenge Law Firm, we see how truck drivers and the motoring public can participate in minimizing accidents involving large vehicles such as trucks.