How Dangerous is the Gastric Bypass Surgery?

What does it actually mean?

The fundamental concept of gastric bypass surgery is to bypass a major and most important portion of stomach. Gastric bypass is surgical practice use to facilitate a patient to lose his weight. It is recommended to those who are overweight and their weight problem has become a severe health risk for them. Gastric bypass significantly reduces the size of stomach and the small intestine so that the body assimilates a lesser amount of food eaten. With a reduced amount of food entering the body, fat stores begin to be used and resultantly patient loses weight. Gastric bypass involves two purposes, i.e.

  1. To contain the amount of food intake and
  2. To adjust the metabolism of stomach, the way it absorbs calories is altered

Gastric bypass surgery is rapidly becoming one of the most commonly-used surgical procedures in Tampa Florida, primarily, for people who are obese or cannot control their weight. This surgical procedure requires anesthesia and patient can get into trouble and can have major complications during and after the surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery complications:

There is no denying the fact that there are many benefits associated with gastric bypass surgery, for example, better quality of life and asthma and hypertension get resolved. But gastric bypass is a complex, and problems can arise during the procedure and during the follow-up care. These problems can vary, from infections to blood clots in lungs, nerve damage, and neurological damage. However, according to a survey report about 15% of patients suffered severe and unbearable problems once they have had gastric bypass operation, and almost 5% of patients passed away.

Following are the major complications which can arise from gastric bypass surgery.


The stomach infection can originate owing to defective incision, unhealthy medicinal procedure or some other mistake.


This problem is one the most widespread and has a number of probable causes.

Nutritional deficiencies:

This problem is one of the trickiest to discover. It can cause inability of the patient to digest certain nutritive substances. Gastric bypass surgery has some other problems involved in it, like the rate of death has remained 0.5–2.0% in gastric bypass surgery, similarly there were problems related to wound, stomach and intestine

Medical Malpractice

“Medical malpractice depends if someone has diverged from the regular standard of care within profession and the divergence caused an injury or damage.” It depends on how the surgery was carried out and what caused the problem during the surgery: was it patient? Was it the doctor? Was it the procedure? The best approach is to hire Miami Gastric Bypass Malpractice Attorney review all the documented medical records. And, they normally send those records to a specialist authority in relevant field, to evaluate to see what the patient’s doctor did and where the fault lies.

If patient did not die, the injury is limited. It may be a malpractice. It depends on whether an expert, said the doctor, made a mistake or failed to do something. Whether lawsuit is started depends upon the amount of injuries, the amount of work the attorney has to do, the amount of pain and suffering the patient had, the amount of the lost wages the patient has had, how many procedures he underwent and what the net results all those procedures were.

The injured party must have following four conditions to prove their claim.

  1. Doctor-patient agreement: Anyone filing a medical malpractice claim must have to prove that there was an agreement and consent between physician and patient
  2. Breach of standard of care: Doctors must accomplish the standards of care set forth by medical community. If a doctor is believed to be neglectful, then he has violated the rules regarding patient care, hence the patient retains the right to file a lawsuit.
  3. Causation: Furthermore, to establish the claim valid, the responsibility lies on the shoulders of the patient to prove that there was a causal relationship between their damages and irresponsibility on behalf of health care providers.
  4. Damages: Last but not least, the patient has to prove that he has experienced severe physical, psychological and financial damages caused by careless conduct of medical providers.

Following are the main damages which can be recovered to the patient by using the professional malpractice services of Percy Martinez Law firm.

  1. Anguish and suffering
  2. Lost Earning
  3. Health expenditures
  4. The loss of pleasure of life
  5. Loss of family companionship
  6. And, or permanent disability.

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