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Citywide Law Group was founded to help injury victims get the compensation they deserve after an accident. With over 15 years of combined experience helping families receive compensation after an accident, we have a proven track record of outstanding results.

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys take pride in giving each case the time and attention needed to maximize compensation. This often means conducting our own investigation, using our own team of doctors and experts to understand your injuries, and taking the case to trial if necessary. We work on contingency basis, which means we get nothing unless we win.

Depending on the circumstances, you might have a personal injury claim that will allow you to recover for physical damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If a loved one was killed in an accident, the surviving family members may have a wrongful death claim against the at-fault party.

If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, call today to speak to one of our qualified accident lawyers. Our law office is conveniently located in West Los Angeles or we can make arrangements to come to you.

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Personal Injury Overview

Before calling an attorney, you may be wondering if you have a personal injury case. To help with the process, we put together a list of questions we ask to help determine whether you may be eligible to recover monetary damages.

Have You Been Injured?

To recover in a personal injury case, you or a loved one must have been injured either physically or emotionally. For example, if you were in a car accident and your injuries required medical treatment, you most likely have grounds for recovery, assuming you were not at fault for the accident.

If, however, you were in a car accident and you or a loved one were not injured, then you would not pursue a personal injury claim solely for damage to your vehicle.

Another example involves dog attacks. If you were attacked by a dog, you most likely have a personal injury claim against the dog owner. However, if a dog attacked your dog and you were not injured, then you most likely do not have a case as dogs are considered property for legal purposes.

If you or a loved one suffered physical or psychological injury, please proceed to the next question.

Was Someone Else At Fault?

Once you establish that you or a loved one suffered physical or psychological injuries, the next question involves the more complex issue of liability. To recover for a personal injury claim, you must prove that the defendant was negligent and that their negligence was the cause of your injuries.

For example, if you were rear-ended in an auto accident then establishing fault is straightforward. In other cases, establishing liability may be more complicated, especially if there is more than two parties involved in the incident that led to your injuries.

If you have been injured and suspect that someone else may be at fault, then you should reach out to a personal injury lawyer to discuss your situation.

What If You Were Partly At Fault?

California follows the comparative fault rule, which means your recovery will be reduced by the amount you were determined to be responsible for the accident. For example, if you were in a car accident and you’re found to be 30% at-fault, then your compensation will be reduced by 30%.

How Long Has It Been Since the Incident?

In general, you only have two-years from the date of the incident that led to your injuries to file a personal injury claim. While exceptions exist, the 2-year rule covers most cases. Therefore, you should immediately speak with an attorney after an accident as it may take time for your attorney to investigate your claim and acquire the necessary evidence to move forward.

Did You Receive Medical Treatment for Your Injuries?

While not necessary, receiving medical treatment for your injuries supports your claim regarding the seriousness of the injuries and therefore your demand for compensation. Failure to seek medical treatment initially should not deter you from contacting an attorney, as you may not have understood the seriousness of the injuries at the time of the accident.

Have You Already Accepted a Settlement Offer?

We often receive calls from people who accepted a settlement offer from an insurance company or liable party, only to later discover that they accepted an amount far lower than the value of their claim. Before accepting a settlement offer, speak with an experienced personal injury attorney regarding your case. Once you accept a settlement, you are most likely barred from pursuing any further legal action against the negligent party.

Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

While you are within your legal rights to represent yourself, there are three key reasons why you should strongly consider retaining counsel.

1. You’re Outmatched

To recover after an accident, you will most likely be dealing with the negligent party’s insurance company. They have a team of attorneys and insurance adjusters trained to minimize or deny your compensation. In short, the other side will have an attorney and you won’t. By having an experienced personal injury attorney on your side you level the playing field.

2. You’re Too Close To The Accident

After an accident, you may be dealing with physical and emotional injuries as well as financial stress. Given your position, it may be difficult for you to remain objective throughout the negotiation process with negligent party. Having an attorney allows you to focus on recovery while your legal counsel fights on your behalf.

3.  You May Not Understand the Extent of Your Injuries

Self-Represented parties often accept a lower settlement than they deserved simply because they didn’t understand the seriousness of their injuries. We have a team of experts to help you understand the long-term consequences of your injuries. Armed with this knowledge allows us to demand and attempt to collect enough money to accurately compensate you for your damages.

Our approach


Free consultation

We offer a free consultation so that you can explain the situation to us. During our meeting, an accident lawyer will explain our legal strategy so that you can proceed with confidence.



If we decide to work together, we then begin the process of investigating your claim. This includes having our expert medical team examine you to fully understand the extent of your injuries. We also investigate the accident scene and review all police reports to ensure we have a complete picture of what occurred.



After we know what happened, we begin the process of negotiating with the insurance company. While we seek to recover compensation for your injuries, we will not accept a low settlement offer that fails to properly compensate you. This process might involve depositions, discovery, and preliminary motions.



At times, the only way to fully recover for your personal injury claim is by going to trial. The insurance companies know that we are highly experienced courtroom litigators with a track record of winning in court. Should the insurance company choose to be unreasonable, rest assured we will go to court and request the highest amount permitted by the at-fault party’s insurance company.

Experienced Attorneys Helping You Get the Compensation You Deserve

Accidents happen in Los Angeles every day, leaving victims to deal with the financial and emotional aftermath. After being injured in an accident, you’re probably worried about medical bills, lost wages, and making sure that you’re fairly compensated.

Unfortunately, many people try to settle with the insurance companies on their own, only to find out they received far less than they should have. Insurance companies have one goal in mind – to give you the least amount of compensation possible. Once they know that an attorney does not represent you, they will take full advantage of that fact to negotiate a low settlement.

At Citywide Law Group, we know the games the insurance companies play and aggressively fight to defend your rights and maximize your compensation.

After an injury, you’re focus should be on recovery and your loved ones. Let our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers deal with the at-fault party and their insurance. We have 15 years of combined experience dealing with the insurance company and helping our clients getting a fair settlement. We will not be pushed around, and will aggressively protect your rights.


We have our own team of doctors so that you receive the proper diagnosis. Many accident victims suffer from long lasting physical and emotional damage. You deserve to be compensated for every single day that your quality of life is decreased due to someone else’s negligence.


We have a team of experts to recreate the accident scene and understand who was at fault. While the insurance company tries to minimize the culpability of their policyholder, we investigate thoroughly to make sure the at-fault party is held responsible.


We are skilled courtroom litigators that are not afraid to take a case to trial. Insurance companies know that we don’t back down and will take them to court if they are unwilling to offer a reasonable settlement.

Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers

Driving is a fact of life in Los Angeles. Everyday hundreds of people are either injured or killed in a car accident. After an accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries and damage to your car. Our injury lawyers have secured million dollar settlements for our clients involved in motor vehicle collisions.

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Meet Our Team

Sherwin Arzani

Sherwin Arzani

University of Michigan
Million Dollar Advocates
Super Lawyers

Sherwin Arzani’s dedication to the practice of law has earned him the industry’s highest awards and accolades, including the Million Dollar Advocates membership, recognition as one of the “Top Attorneys in Southern California” by Los Angeles Magazine and being ranked amongst the 10 Best in Client Satisfaction by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys (AIPIA).

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Oliver Naimi

Oliver Naimi

Loyola Law School
Million Dollar Advocates
CAALA Member
Beverly Hills Bar Association
LACBA Member

Oliver Naimi’s interest in the practice of civil litigation was partially prompted by a severe car accident he was involved in at age 18, where he felt the legal advice and help he was given forced him to settle his case below its actual value. This experience gives Oliver the ability to empathize and understand his clients in a way that allows him to obtain maximum results.

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Our attorneys have won multiple awards and been nationally recognized for their trial work. We have been named SuperLawyers, achieved outstanding reviews from our clients, and were recently recognized as top 100 trial lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

Beyond awards, our proudest achievement is winning millions for our clients throughout the years.

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