California Car and Booster Seat Laws

According to data from the CDC, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among American children. When driving with children as passengers, it’s essential that you take all precautions to keep them safe.  You should be familiar with California’s car and booster seat laws. They’re designed to ensure the safety of small children in passenger vehicles. Car seat laws depend on the age and size of a child. Keep reading to learn what you need to know bout California’s child restraint laws. What Does the Law Say? Children “graduate” to booster seats when they’re old enough and tall enough. However, before they can use a booster seat, they must ride in child car seats.  In California, the laws […] Read more

Have you been injured in California? If your injury was the result of someone else’s negligence, you may be able to seek compensation for your medical bills and other accident losses. You would usually recover your damages by filing an insurance claim with the negligent party’s insurer. However, injuries can range in severity. You might wonder how severe your injury must be to justify filing an injury claim. This is a complex topic. Keep reading to get a better sense of whether your injury is serious enough to warrant pursuing compensation from a negligent party. California Personal Injury Claims & Injury Severity Some states are no-fault states. In no-fault states, injury victims usually file insurance claims with their own insurance […] Read more

When a medical provider’s negligence harms you, you are entitled to compensation for your medical bills and other losses. You can recover these damages through a medical malpractice claim or lawsuit. However, medical malpractice cases are often complex. In California, patients must be able to give “informed” consent for procedures and treatments. This means they must be made fully aware of the risks and complications of treatment. Consent can take two forms: express consent and implied consent.  The following overview will help you better understand this nuanced topic. What is Express Consent?  Many medical treatments are naturally risky. Accordingly, It’s important that doctors and other health care providers obtain the consent of their patients before performing procedures or offering treatment. […] Read more

What Are the 3 Elements of Standing to Sue?

You can typically pursue compensation for medical bills and other losses if another party’s negligence harmed you. The process of seeking compensation often begins by filing a claim to collect from a negligent party’s insurance. Ideally, an insurer will offer fair compensation, and the matter can be resolved outside of court. That doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, an insurer or negligent party will decline to offer an appropriate settlement. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to recover your damages. You may still have the option of filing a lawsuit. However, you must show your case possesses the three elements of standing in order to sue.  Courts won’t waste time on frivolous cases; they can “throw out” a lawsuit if a plaintiff does […] Read more

What To Do After a Car Accident in California

Hopefully, you will never be involved in a car accident. However, it’s important to be familiar with the steps you should take after a crash. This is particularly true in a state like California, which has a high car accident rate. You can minimize your chances of being involved in a car accident by practicing safe driving habits and prioritizing vehicle maintenance. Unfortunately, you can’t control other driver’s choices behind the wheel. If you’re ever involved in a car accident, you should take the following steps. They will protect you from additional harm and help you pursue compensation after your accident. Stay Calm A car accident can be a very traumatic experience. It’s understandable if you feel panicked after your […] Read more

What is Contributory Fault?

Car accidents tend to be complicated. A lot of different factors can cause an accident to happen. Let’s say that John and Joe are driving toward each other on the same road. John is texting, so he’s not really paying attention. Joe is in a rush, so he’s driving about 10 MPH over the posted speed limit. The road they’re driving on is riddled with potholes. As they approach one another, Sam, a pedestrian, decides that he doesn’t want to walk all the way down to the crosswalk. So, Sam jaywalks and begins to cross in the middle of the road, instead. Of course, this doesn’t end well. Joe sees Sam the pedestrian and swerves to miss hitting him. He […] Read more

Understanding Out of State Workers’ Compensation Claims

You live in California and work in management for a major construction company. Your company is thinking about taking jobs outside of California. They send you to Georgia to take a look at a potential job in Atlanta. When you arrive in Atlanta, you put on your hard hat and accompany the project manager around the site to get a lay of the land. That’s when it happens. You trip and fall over some building materials that are sitting in the middle of the floor. When you fall, you land on your hands and damage them badly. You also hit your head. Since you were injured while performing a task within the scope of your employment, you should be entitled […] Read more

Whether it’s a road, commercial building, or new residential high-rise, it seems like something in Los Angeles is always under construction. Land in the area is seemingly always under renovation. These construction projects supply a lot of jobs to laborers in the greater Los Angeles area. However, these jobs are among the most dangerous a person can have. Construction accidents are all too common. Construction Workers Risk Their Lives Every Day The construction industry is dangerous. In cities like New York, construction accidents are the leading cause of injury and death among workers. It’s not much different on the west coast in California cities like Los Angeles. A new study published by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health […] Read more

Whether you’re on a business trip or vacation, there will be times when you leave the state of California. Unless you rely on public transportation or Ubers to get around, you’ll probably be driving yourself. Even though you might be extremely cautious, it’s still possible to get into a car accident. You’re sharing the road with other drivers, many of whom are distracted or simply in too much of a rush. What should you do when you get into a car accident in another state? How can you move forward to recover compensation for your injuries? Here’s what you need to know. State Car Accident and Insurance Laws Vary Did you get into an accident a “fault’ state like California […] Read more

A car accident or truck accident can wreak havoc on the injured victim’s body. The force of a collision can cause serious damage from head to toe. In serious crashes, the victims are usually rushed to the hospital for evaluation and treatment. In more minor accidents, injuries may not be as obvious. Many car accident victims feel fine right after the crash, but develop symptoms later on. This is often the case with neck and back injuries. For this reason, it is often recommended to see a doctor even if you don’t feel any immediate pain. Whether your injury is obvious or hidden, it is always wise to get a full exam from a hospital or clinic. This evaluation often […] Read more