What is Contributory Fault?

Car accidents tend to be complicated. A lot of different factors can cause an accident to happen. Let’s say that John and Joe are driving toward each other on the same road. John is texting, so he’s not really paying attention. Joe is in a rush, so he’s driving about 10 MPH over the posted speed limit. The road they’re driving on is riddled with potholes. As they approach one another, Sam, a pedestrian, decides that he doesn’t want to walk all the way down to the crosswalk. So, Sam jaywalks and begins to cross in the middle of the road, instead. Of course, this doesn’t end well. Joe sees Sam the pedestrian and swerves to miss hitting him. He […] Read more

Understanding Out of State Workers’ Compensation Claims

You live in California and work in management for a major construction company. Your company is thinking about taking jobs outside of California. They send you to Georgia to take a look at a potential job in Atlanta. When you arrive in Atlanta, you put on your hard hat and accompany the project manager around the site to get a lay of the land. That’s when it happens. You trip and fall over some building materials that are sitting in the middle of the floor. When you fall, you land on your hands and damage them badly. You also hit your head. Since you were injured while performing a task within the scope of your employment, you should be entitled […] Read more

Whether it’s a road, commercial building, or new residential high-rise, it seems like something in Los Angeles is always under construction. Land in the area is seemingly always under renovation. These construction projects supply a lot of jobs to laborers in the greater Los Angeles area. However, these jobs are among the most dangerous a person can have. Construction accidents are all too common. Construction Workers Risk Their Lives Every Day The construction industry is dangerous. In cities like New York, construction accidents are the leading cause of injury and death among workers. It’s not much different on the west coast in California cities like Los Angeles. A new study published by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health […] Read more

Whether you’re on a business trip or vacation, there will be times when you leave the state of California. Unless you rely on public transportation or Ubers to get around, you’ll probably be driving yourself. Even though you might be extremely cautious, it’s still possible to get into a car accident. You’re sharing the road with other drivers, many of whom are distracted or simply in too much of a rush. What should you do when you get into a car accident in another state? How can you move forward to recover compensation for your injuries? Here’s what you need to know. State Car Accident and Insurance Laws Vary Did you get into an accident a “fault’ state like California […] Read more

A car accident or truck accident can wreak havoc on the injured victim’s body. The force of a collision can cause serious damage from head to toe. In serious crashes, the victims are usually rushed to the hospital for evaluation and treatment. In more minor accidents, injuries may not be as obvious. Many car accident victims feel fine right after the crash, but develop symptoms later on. This is often the case with neck and back injuries. For this reason, it is often recommended to see a doctor even if you don’t feel any immediate pain. Whether your injury is obvious or hidden, it is always wise to get a full exam from a hospital or clinic. This evaluation often […] Read more

Common Back Injuries After a Car Accident

Car accidents can be devastating. The damages aren’t always limited to the vehicles involved. Often, the victims feel the impact on their health and experience severe pain, especially from back injuries. If you suffer a back injury and do not achieve full recovery, you may have to cope with ongoing pain, high medical costs, emotional distress, and lost income. To get back to good health after a car accident, extensive and expensive medical treatment could be required. If someone else’s negligence caused the accident, you don’t have to go through all these costs on your own. You are entitled to compensation for your losses by the person or company responsible for causing the back injury. If you are a victim […] Read more

Can I Sue the Driver If I’m Injured In an Accident?

After a car accident in Los Angeles, especially one resulting in injury, a lot of emphases is put on deciding which driver is at fault. Often overlooked are the passengers, who are almost never to blame for the accident, but often suffer significant injuries. If you are hurt in a car accident as a passenger, you are able to sue all parties responsible to obtain compensation for your injuries. Which Driver Can a Passenger Sue After an Accident? If you are a passenger hurt in an auto accident, you can sue whichever driver was negligent and caused the accident. This is true whether that’s the driver of the other car or the one you were riding in. Often both drivers […] Read more

Can I Sue the City for Tripping Over Uneven Sidewalks?

With about 11,000 miles of sidewalk in Los Angeles, it is no surprise that the city can’t keep up with the repairs necessary to keep every block in good condition. L.A. sidewalks get a lot of wear and tear too, with thousands of pedestrians traversing the city on a daily basis. When a section of sidewalk inevitably falls into disrepair and the city fails to fix it in a timely manner, it can pose a serious risk to pedestrians. Runners and the elderly are particularly at risk, but anyone on foot can potentially slip, trip, and fall due to a faulty sidewalk. What Are My Rights After a Fall Caused By an Uneven Sidewalk? If you fall and injure yourself […] Read more

Swimming pools offer great relief from the hot summer heat and humidity. If you don’t have a pool of your own, you might go to a friend’s house, hotel, or local city park. This can be fun and relaxing. At the same time, you’re putting a lot of trust in whoever owns and maintains that pool. You’re relying on them to keep you and your family safe. What happens if you or your kids get hurt while swimming or using someone else’s pool? What can you do to protect yourself? Do you have the right to recover compensation for your swimming pool accident injuries? These are all important questions. We dive into the answers below. Steps to Take After a […] Read more

If you’re injured in a car accident, you’ll probably deal with an insurance company in some capacity. This is certainly true if you decide to file an insurance claim with someone else’s insurance provider. It’s important to understand that insurance companies have one interest: protecting their bottom line. They’ll do whatever they can to limit the amount of money you receive after an accident. One way insurers will protect themselves – and not you – is by making your settlement offer contingent on an accident release form. They’ll play it off as just a “routine” piece of paperwork that needs to accompany your financial payout. However, it’s important to know that signing an accident release form will affect your ability […] Read more