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Pasadena Personal Injury Attorney

Pasadena Personal Injury AttorneyHave you or someone you know been injured in a Pasadena accident? If so, call an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney at Citywide Law Group. We have almost 20 years of experience helping people get the money they deserve after an accident.

We offer a free consultation and get paid nothing unless we win. Call our Los Angeles office today to find out how we can help.

Do I Need A Personal Injury Attorney?

After an accident, you’ll probably be dealing with the at-fault party’s insurance company. The insurance companies have a team of lawyers whose only goal is to minimize your payout. By hiring an attorney, you level the playing field. We will fight on your behalf so you can focus on recovering.

Another way we can help is by accurately assessing your injuries. This allows us to demand more money from the insurance company. After an accident, you may not know the full extent of your injuries or how they will impact you in the long-run. We work with a team of medical experts who can give you an accurate estimate. Don’t accept a settlement offer without first speaking to a Los Angeles personal injury attorney at Citywide Law Group.

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim?

Under California Civil Code of Procedure 335.1, you have 2-years from the date of the accident file a claim. If you’re attempting to sue the State of California or other government entity, then you have less time. Given the timeframe, it’s best to speak with an attorney immediately after your accident.

Personal Injury Practice Areas

Our Pasadena personal injury attorneys handle all accidents including:

Regardless of the type of accident, we may be able to assist you. Call us now to discuss your case.

Accidents in Pasadena

Pasadena is a thriving city and accidents are not uncommon. Between residents, tourists, and local workers more than 1,781,000 miles are driven on Pasadena roads each day.

In 2014, 1,387 injuries and fatalities were reported to the California Office of Traffic Safety. That year, Pasadena had the 3rd highest rate of traffic accident injuries of 57 similarly sized California cities. Frequently cited causes for these injury-causing accidents include speeding (281 accidents), driving between the hours of 9 PM and 3 AM (99 accidents), and driving under the influence of alcohol (107 counts).

Accidents causing injuries to bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists were also prevalent. That year, Pasadena traffic accidents injured 78 pedestrians, 109 bicyclists, and 49 motorcyclists. Bicyclists were only more likely to be injured in a traffic accident in one other California city. Pasadena had the second highest rate of bicycle-involved accidents of 57 similarly sized cities in California.

What Happens After I Hire a Pasadena Personal Injury Lawyer?

In general, these are the steps we follow after you hire us.

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation allows our attorneys to get an overview of your case while giving you an opportunity to learn about us. The more comfortable you are with the attorney you choose, the more likely it is that your case will be successful.

When we meet for our free consultation we will ask you to recount the accident. We will ask questions to help us determine potential liability and what additional information may be necessary down the line. We will explain your legal rights and offer our advice about what we believe to be the best course of action.

The information we gather will be used as the basis for an investigation and claim, should you choose to let us help you.

Independent Investigation

A thorough investigation is crucial to the success of a case. The more information we have to work with, the better our legal argument(s) will be. The investigative techniques our attorneys use will depend on the facts and circumstances specific to each case.

However, in the course of an investigation our attorneys may:

  • Review police reports;
  • Interview eyewitnesses;
  • Analyze photographs of injuries or the scene of the accident;
  • Consult with medical professionals,
  • Speak with law enforcement; and
  • conduct exhaustive legal research.

The information gathered during this investigation will be used to craft compelling legal arguments.


The legal arguments we draft after an investigation will be used to leverage insurance companies and at-fault parties into negotiating fair and reasonable settlement offers. We will never accept a lowball offer that does not fairly compensate our clients for their injuries.


Insurance companies have come to learn that the Pasadena personal injury attorneys at Citywide Law Group are skilled and successful litigators. They often choose to offer reasonable settlement awards to avoid facing us in court. However, we are not afraid to take your case to court if we do not believe a settlement offer is sufficient to meet your needs.

Call Experienced Pasadena Personal Injury Attorney Sherwin Arzani

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, then call Pasadena personal injury attorney Sherwin Arzani. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay nothing upfront. We find that when clients are less worried about the added expense of up-front legal fees they are more likely to (1) recover in full and (2) seek legal representation.

When you hire us we want you to focus your energy on recovering from your unexpected injury. We fight for compensation on your behalf and only get paid when we win. Contact our personal injury attorneys today to find out more about how we may be able to help you.