Six people were injured in a Hollywood crash on New Year’s Day when a suspected drunk driver barreled through a stop sign and struck an Uber. While no one was killed in the crash, at least three of the victims were reported to have sustained critical injuries. The drunk driver, who attempted to run away from the scene of the crash, was apprehended by good samaritans and later arrested by police. The drunk driver will likely face both criminal and civil penalties for his conduct. Criminal and Civil Charges After a DUI The drunk driver in this case will face criminal DUI charges for his behavior. In addition to criminal charges, he will likely also be on the hook for […] Read more

Is Tampering with Evidence a Serious Crime?

Have you been accused of tampering with evidence? The state will aggressively pursue criminal charges if it believes you have interfered with a criminal case. Tampering with evidence is a serious misdemeanor and carries incredibly harsh penalties. Tampering With Evidence State law makes it a crime to tamper with evidence in a criminal case. California Penal Code 141 PC explains that any person who “knowingly, willfully, intentionally, and wrongfully” tampers with evidence relevant to a trial, proceeding, or inquiry can be guilty of a misdemeanor. Evidence can include: Physical matter Digital images, and Video recordings. When you are charged with tampering with evidence the state will have to prove three things: You acted knowingly, willfully, intentionally, and wrongfully; You manipulated […] Read more

Is a Hit and Run a Crime in California?

When you are involved in an accident in Los Angeles you may have a legal responsibility to exchange personal information anyone else who was in the accident. This responsibility arises when the accident results in either property damage or a personal injury. If you leave the scene of an accident knowing that damage or any injury has occurred, you could be charged with the crime of hit and run. A hit and run can carry serious criminal consequences, including expensive fines and time behind bars. If you have been arrested for a hit and run in Los Angeles it is important to contact an attorney. A criminal record that reflects a hit and run conviction can make it difficult to […] Read more

Earlier this week, Jose Landazure,  a 75-year-old Los Angeles man, lost control of his car and crashed into four parked vehicles in Huntington Beach. According to reports, the driver didn’t strike all of the vehicles at once, but “went back and forth three times.” While no one was in the parked cars, Landazure caused a significant amount of property damage. The owners of those cars don’t have to cover the costs of repairing or replacing their damaged vehicles. Instead, Landazure, his insurance company, or the owners’ own insurers will be liable for those costs. You Don’t Have to Suffer a Physical Injury to Get Compensation After a Car Accident Fortunately, no one in the Huntington Beach car accident was injured. […] Read more

In 2014, a school bus transporting 11 middle school students crashed in Anaheim Hills. It was later discovered that Gerald Rupple, the 28-year-old bus driver, passed out behind the wheel because of a medical condition he never disclosed to the school district. Several children were severely injured in the California bus accident. Earlier this month, Rupple was sentenced to 210 days in jail and 5 months probation for endangering those young children. Criminal & Civil Liability Following a Los Angeles Bus Accident Rupple was charged with a crime for failing to disclose a health condition to his employer. Had the school district known that he was prone to seizures and blacking out, they likely would have declined to hire him […] Read more

Trains are generally a safe way to travel. You don’t have to worry about watching how much you drink or how tired you are before commuting. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the landscapes out your window. Even though commuting by train can be much safer than taking your chances on the road, accidents do happen. In fact, as rail travel becomes more popular, more people are getting injured and killed in high-speed train accidents. Train Accidents On the Rise Across the Country A Miami company recently analyzed four years of train accident data published by the Federal Railroad Administration. It discovered that s one pedestrian or vehicle is struck by a train every three hours. In 2017, there were […] Read more

Alladin Star Sues Tesla Over Vehicle Defects

Tesla is a trendsetter. Its designs are unique and modern. They’re often ahead of their times. This helps Tesla to sell a lot of cars. It’s also caused some legal trouble. Many Tesla owners have sued the company, claiming that their cars had defects that caused serious damage. Following a recent car accident, Mena Massoud, star of Alladin, filed a lawsuit of his own against the vehicle manufacturer. He claims that he crashed into a tree because his Tesla’s steering wheel “suddenly crumbled and flew off” when he was changing lanes. The lawsuit accuses the company of negligently designing or manufacturing the car. Car Manufacturers and Strict Products Liability We trust that the products we use will be safe. This […] Read more

Earlier this months, two dock workers were inflating a tire on a top-handler, a large piece of equipment used to move shipping containers around the Port of Los Angeles, when it exploded. One worker was killed instantly in the blast. The other was transported to a local hospital where he was treated for critical injuries. Now a family grieves the early loss of a loved one, while another man’s life may never be the same. When workers are injured or killed on the job, workers’ compensation benefits may be available to offset accident-related financial burdens. If you’ve been injured on the job in the LA area, call a Los Angeles personal injury attorney at Citywide Law Group today for assistance. […] Read more

A 10-year-old girl is fighting for her life after being struck by a vehicle in Oxnard. According to reports, the girl was crossing the road just before 7 PM when she was suddenly hit. The driver of the vehicle remained at the scene while the child was airlifted to a nearby hospital. Police are still investigating the crash to understand why it happened. Drugs and alcohol are not believed to have been a factor. Even if the driver was sober, he may still be financially responsible for the girl’s injuries and suffering. Pedestrian Accidents in Oxnard The young girl wasn’t the only pedestrian involved in a car accident in Oxnard that fateful day. Earlier in the day, a man was […] Read more

At least one person suffered injuries when a car unexpectedly drove into a Los Angeles area liquor store. According to reports, the driver lost control of his SUV and crashed through the store’s front window. Police believe that the driver suffered a sudden medical emergency behind the wheel. If this is true, he may not be liable for damage or injuries caused by the crash. Defendants Can Argue Medical Emergency As Defense in Personal Injury Lawsuits Generally speaking, if your actions cause another to get hurt, you can be financially responsible for their injuries. This even extends to harm you may cause if you are mentally ill or of unsound mind. There are very few exceptions to this rule. Courts […] Read more