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Burbank Personal Injury Attorney

Burbank Personal Injury Attorney

The experienced Burbank personal injury attorneys at Citywide Law Group have nearly two decades of experience helping Burbank-area accident victims obtain the compensation they need to get better following an accident.

Our attorneys understand the stresses an accident can impose and strive to make the process of fighting for compensation as easy as possible. The steps you take immediately following a Burbank accident will affect your ability to recover compensation in the future. We offer a free consultation and don’t get paid unless we win. Contact our Los Angeles office today for more information.

Why Should You File a Personal Injury Claim After an Accident?

Have you been injured in an accident? You may be entitled to recover compensation from the at-fault party. You may even be able to recover compensation if you were partly responsible for the accident which caused your injury. Your chances of filing a successful claim for damages will increase when you enlist the assistance of a qualified personal injury attorney.

At Citywide Law Group, we have spent the better part of the past two decades fighting for the rights of injured accident victims. Burbank accident-related injuries can be expensive. Medical bills, lost wages due to time away from work, and other expenses can add up quickly.

Unfortunately, studies show that most Americans are ill-prepared to cover the cost of a $500 emergency. In many cases, a personal injury lawsuit for damages is the best option to cover significant injury-related costs. An experienced Burbank personal injury attorney understands the process necessary to maximize compensation through a claim for damages against an at-fault party.

Injury-Causing Accidents in Burbank

Personal injuries can be caused by any number of Burbank accidents. You may have a potential claim for damages if you slip and fall accident, were bitten by a neighborhood dog, or were sideswiped while driving. As you may expect, traffic accidents are a common cause of injuries in Burbank. Each day, nearly 1.3 Million miles are driven on Burbank’s roads, thoroughfares, and freeways.

In 2014, the California Office of Traffic Safety reported that there were 979 injuries and/or fatalities caused by traffic accidents in Burbank. Only 4 other similarly-sized cities reported more traffic-related injuries or deaths that year. Of those 979 injuries, 49 involved motorcycles, 51 involved pedestrians, and 55 involved bicyclists.

The most commonly cited causes of these 2014 traffic accidents include speeding, driving at night, and driving under the influence of alcohol. While DUI arrests were less common in 2014 in Burbank than in other Los Angeles area neighborhoods, police still reported making 431 DUI arrests that year.

How a Burbank Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

The experienced Burbank personal injury attorneys at Citywide Law Group have established a successful track record of recovering compensation for injured clients. The process for handling cases that we have meticulously developed over the past two decades has allowed us to offer unparalleled legal services to clients injured in:

What is the successful process we have established in helping clients like you? Here is a breakdown of the steps we believe are crucial to a successful outcome.

Initial Consultation.

The initial consultation is incredibly important. During this initial meeting our attorneys:

  • gather information,
  • ask questions, and
  • explain a little bit about the law(s) which may affect your case.

We gauge the potential for a successful outcome and offer advice and opinions about what we believe to be the best course of action. During this meeting, we encourage our potential clients to ask questions – about the law and/or our attorneys – so that you become comfortable engaging with us.

The more you trust the attorney representing you during this case, the better the chances of a positive outcome.

Independent Investigation.

We do not rely on the reports or information gathered through external investigations. This information can be incredibly helpful, but we strongly believe that a thorough and complete independent investigation is a key to success. Information is power, and our attorneys leave no stone unturned when combing through the details of your case.

In the course of our investigation into your accident our attorneys may review:

  • police reports,
  • photographs of the accident, and
  • medical reports.

We may also find and interview eyewitnesses; consult with experts including accident recreationists, medical professionals, and forensic technicians; and conduct legal research. The information we uncover during our investigation will be the basis for the legal arguments we make on your behalf.

Negotiation With the Opposition.

Many personal injury lawsuits pit injured parties against insurance companies. Do not be tricked into thinking that insurance companies are on your side. They are not! Insurance companies routinely deny and undervalue claims. They often take advantage of injured accident victims who try to recover compensation without the assistance of an attorney.

When you hire an attorney you essentially level the playing field. Our attorneys understand the tricks insurance companies will use to minimize payouts and will use this knowledge to stay one step ahead. We will leverage the facts of your case that are most beneficial to you to force insurance companies to offer fair and reasonable settlements. If these negotiations fail, or if we do not believe that they have provided a legitimate offer, we will not hesitate to take the case to court.

Litigation In Court.

We will not accept low-ball offers. Period. At Citywide Law Group, our Burbank personal injury attorneys are skilled and experienced litigators. Our opposition has come to find that our attorneys are a force to be reckoned with in court and often try to avoid litigation. Contact our Burbank office today to learn more.

Compensation For Your Injuries

What kind of compensation can you recover through a personal injury claim for damages? In most cases, you will be able to seek economic damages to compensate you for verifiable injury-related expenses. These damages are generally easy to identify and easy to calculate. Commonly awarded economic damages may compensate you for medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation, nursing care, and surgery.

You may also be able to seek an award of non-economic damages. These damages are based on more subjective injuries that are more difficult to assign a monetary value. Non-economic damages may be awarded to compensate you for injury-related pain and suffering, loss of companionship, emotional distress, or embarrassment.

The damages that you may be able to recover through a personal injury lawsuit will depend on the facts and circumstances specific to your case. A qualified Burbank personal injury attorney can help to explain the type(s) of compensation to which you may be entitled to recover.

Experienced Burbank Personal Injury Attorney

Have you been injured in a Burbank accident? If so, you may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault party. Contact the Citywide Law Group Burbank office today to learn about your legal rights and options.

When you call we will review the facts of your case, determine potentially liable parties, and explain the steps involved in recovering compensation for your injuries. Our attorneys have nearly two decades of experience helping injured accident victims just like you to recover the compensation they need to get better.

Do not hesitate to call – the steps you take after an accident can significantly affect your ability to launch a successful claim!

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